Alchemist’s Dream Set – Viking Magic


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Change base metal into GOLD! This is a Viking Magic original. Alchemist’s and Magicians have wanted to change base metal into gold for centuries. Now you can. Simply place a few black stones into the brass chamber, add a few drops of ‘special’ liquid and when the stones are removed, they have changed to ‘gold’! Replace the small stones and add a bit more magic liquid. Pour out the stones and they have changed into large GOLD NUGGETS!

You receive the special brass chamber, stoppers, stones a beautiful antique filigree container to store your new found wealth. Complete, ready to work with detailed instructions.  Does not come with vial and tray these must be purchased separately

The brass container has many other uses as you will discover once you use this set. Perform changes, vanishes, productions; a glorified Pea Can routine, etc. A most versatile prop, beautifully made; precision craftsmanship.


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