Ali Bongo’s Book of Magic


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Hardback. Good Condition.

Contents (from book ToC):
2 Foreword (Paul Daniels)
8 How Magic Began
9 Scientific Magic
9 The Mysterious Stars
9 Revolving Spoon
9 Floating Steel
10 Close-Up Magic
10 Magnetic Sugar
11 A Close-Up Mat
12 Two Into One
13 The Penetrating Ring: bracelet off string
14 Magic of Myth and Legend
16 Hand Magic
16 The Growing Finger
17 Thumb Fun
17 Fluttering Butterfly
28 The Alchemist’s Dream
19 The Houdini Coin
20 The Pongolian Compass
21 The Jumping Coin
22 Magic Wands
23 The Rising Wand
23 The Appearing Wand
24 The Knotted Ring
25 The Manipulators: brief profiles of Richard Ross, Paul Daniels, Pierre Brahma, Fantasio, Marvyn Roy
27 Party Magic
27 A Sweet Joke
27 A Creepy Sensation
27 Not So Easy Money
27 A Teatime Trick
28 The Cups and Balls

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