Alpha Deck (Cards and Online Instructions) – Estate – Primi

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The deck is divided in two. The performer touches any card in his half. The spectator touches any card in their half. When the cards are turned over, THEY MATCH in color and number…2 RED ACES! With everyone burning the deck (watching it super closely), the effect is repeated. Miraculously, THE CARDS MATCH AGAIN…this time 2 BLACK ACES!
NOW HERE’S THE KILLER FINISH…You explain that they couldn’t have chosen any other cards…literally…because there are none! The rest of the cards are turned over and THEY ARE ALL BLANK!

Alpha Deck comes with:

Blank Deck
Custom gimmicks
Full video tutorial
PLUS 7 POWERFUL EFFECTS that use a blank deck

Alpha Deck:
is completely self-working
instantly resets
has no bad angles
does NOT require any sleight of hand
Get it today and perform this 3-phase miracle tonight!

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