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The performer invites several children to assist him to change a plain black cube into a colourful alphabet block by magic.

FIRST THE LETTERS FOR THE BLOCK ARE MADE… This creates a lot of fun as the children are instructed to “finger draw” the letters designated by the performer. After various bits of business, the performers “peels off” the invisible letters that the children have drawn in the air, and drops them into the upturned cover. The cover is then inverted and dropped over the PLAIN BLOCK. One of the children then uses a white wand to make the letters appear on the block. The performer opens the door to show that this has indeed happened: A LARGE WHITE ‘A’ can now be seen in front of the block!

NOW THE BLOCK HAS TO MADE MORE COLOURFUL… This time the children use YELLOW, RED, AND BLUE coloured wands to bring about this change.

Finally, the performer lifts the cover again to reveal that the plain black block is now A BRIGHT YELLOW with RED, BLUE, ORANGE, AND GREEN LETTERS ON ITS SIDES.

COLOURFUL APPARATUS…MYSTERY…AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! All the essentials of children’s entertainment.

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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