Amazing Dove Box – Illusion


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This original effect possesses a very new and outstanding concept! The newest fashion in production box that can produce most anything! Produced with a flair for contemporary design, sadly lacking in many pieces today – its brightly contrasted modern look is sure to entice but performer and spectator alike!

What an optical illusion! No mirrors! YOU MUST LOVE THIS ONE! Magi opens the drawer of the box, which has holes in the top of the unit. He sticks his hand inside with the box closed such that the spectators can clearly see his hand and thus the box empty!

What happens next is nothing short of amazing – the Magi then closes the drawer and INSTANTLY reopens it to show a huge load of items, feather flowers, silks and even livestock (a dove)! Quick and simple execution allows you to focus on the routine! Fine construction and all made out of acrylic! Compact and clean.

Bonus: Each unit comes in an exceptionally nice super padded black storage box that will blow you mind! 


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