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Note: The performance video shows performer using TWO Angel Ball productions.  This SKU is only for “one” unit. From our good friends at UGM Co. Japan!  We were excited to see this item available again! Hands down one of our favorite bouquet productions, not just because of the multitude of places you can produce them from but also the quality of the feathers and the fact that the production truly is a circle ball and can be shown from all angles. Even better it’s well thought out in execution. While it is slightly smaller then the original angel ball we sold in the past it has the same visual impact! Note: Features easy to follow, step-by-step illustrations only. You will see it’s as easy as drinking water – after a quick study of the illustrations. Comes with special custom clip to fold the angel ball, and a double open- sided production sleeve to store the angle ball before production. Of course, production of one angel ball is “impressive.”  Give some thought to purchasing two for double visual impact.  Also, with two units you can produce what appears to be one angel ball and then split them openly in full view of the audience into two individual angle balls!  Dims: 30 cm in diameter, 20cm in length. Important: Each Angle Ball comes with “one” piece – meaning one high quality unit, circular feather flower ball.  In one of the photos “two” balls are shown for the purpose of visually explaining that the performer can just as easily (and with greater impact) produce two Angel Balls, as with one.  Video above features performer using two units of Angel Ball.  Angel Ball does NOT come with the small flower used at the start of the video.   

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