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“Angry Sponges is pure genius from magician Chris Ballinger. It’s a classic sponge magic routine except, well…much more awesome!”
“They’re angry. They’re sponge. They’re a great magic trick based on the super popular Angry Birds game! An easy step by step instructional DVD is included so that you can master this awesome trick. Start off by offering to explain the super-popular mobile device game Angry Birds, by pulling one of the birds straight out of your phone. You then produce a little green pig and explain how the birds fly through the air to try and kill the greedy little pigs. Suddenly the bird vanishes from one hand and appears right next to the pig. Next you take a little blue bird out and put it into the spectators hand. With a magical tap of the finger, the blue bird splits into three fully examinable birds, right in the spectator’s hand. Finally, you introduce a big black bomb bird. When it is pushed into your hand it completely changes color, then changes into three stars indicating a perfect game.”
Personally I just love the justification of the sponges in this way…It’s fun, entertaining and doesn’t draw unwanted attention to itself.
Pretty straight forward stuff, but a fun little DVD to watch, with some great ideas and instructions on how to build your own birds. SO if you have spare balls lying around( which I am sure you all do) then I would say it’s time for a little arts and crafts!

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