Another World – Rob Zabrecky – Deluxe Edition


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Printed on thick deluxe card stock! Bigger than the original playing card size! Includes a vintage carrying bag for the cards, all new designed cards PLUS each Another World comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Rob Zabrecky.

An extraordinary demonstration by a spectator with nothing more than 20 pocket sized photographs of Houdini the Master Magician and his wife Bessie.

20 picture cards of Harry and Bessie are dealt in four face-down piles. In the end, all of the cards in the two Houdini piles, are in fact pictures of Houdini! And all of the cards in the two Bessie piles, are of Bessie!

  • Easy To Do
  • Resets in Seconds
  • Perfect for Walk-Around
  • Both Written and Video Instructional.

“A wonderful piece of theatrical magic.” –Derek DelGaudio

“A whole new dimension to an already mind-blowing card trick.” – John Lovick

“Zabrecky has turned the greatest card trick of the 20th century into a theatrical masterpiece.” –Derek Hughes

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