Antique Pill Box (Powell)


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A must have from Dave Powell. “I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years and I love the design.” –Joe Stevens The performer places a glass on the table and borrows a finger ring. The ring is placed in a handkerchief and given to a spectator to hold over the glass. He can actually feel the ring through the handkerchief.

The performer removes a small locked wooden box and sets it in full view. The spectator is asked to drop the ring into the glass. The spectator lets go of the ring as it clinks into the glass. The handkerchief is whisked away, the ring has vanished! The spectator unlocks the box himself, and discovers his ring inside! No secret trap doors.

No magnets and it is completely silent in its operation. Hand crafted of solid walnut it locks and is completely examinable. Lock is included but you can use any lock, if you wish to change it (as long as it fits). This item was designed and cast by Dave’s own hardware, so you will never find anything like it.

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