Apparitions – Scrying & Staring by Lary Kuehn


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Foreword by Todd Robbins

Apparitions – Scrying & Staring is for Mystery Performers on how to END a Séance by convincing the audience that they have actually SEEN a Ghost. Here are only a few comments from pros:

“What has been captured here is the true essence of what a solid Séance can be; minimalist, authentic, and effective. THIS is the real work!” – Terry Tyson

“I really like the setup of the suggestions for seeing the spirit. Very subtle and a nice way of letting them think they are the ones noticing things instead of realizing you’re pointing them out.” – Chris Thisse

“The votive candle concept was very cool. It’s a really fascinating idea to work with to convince the audience that a Ghost has actually joined the group.” – Mike Glide

“Kuehn puts the knowledge of dozens of books on Séances and 60 years of performing at the tip of your claws. It took me years to figure out what Kuehn put in one excellent book.” – Rolando Santos Assistant Editor, The Linking Ring

“This book is simply kick ass. For anyone into bizarre or Séance work this is a must. In my opinion it should part of everyone’s library. I highly recommend it so don’t miss out on a true masterpiece.”- Neil Scryer

“Our mutual dear friend and colleague Ed Fowler, who passed away just a few months ago, “sent” me an e-mail, from my own computer, to my own computer. What follows is exactly what I received to pass on…

“Yes, I visited Richard’s computer. And I want to tell you, I absolutely love your new book! I only wish I were still there for you to hand me an autographed copy. Ed” – –Richard Busch, Multi Award Winning Mentalist

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