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One of the greatest effects I have ever seen is when the magician takes a fully blown animal balloon and slowly, little by little swallows it completely. We have a local magician – PAX that does this and I never get tired of seeing him do it! It kills – well not him of course – but the audience. What could be better I always said when I watched PAX perform this feat?

Viktor Voitko has answered that very question, and has taken the effect through the stratosphere with his “Appearing Balloon From The Mouth!”

Imagine the magician, after completing swallowing a balloon reaches into his mouth and just as slowly – starts to pull out an inflated balloon! That’s right – you read right… If you don’t perform the swallowing balloon – no problem – be different by reversing the sequence and producing a blown up balloon from your mouth (it’s a lot easier to learn too!). Either way you do it – it will get a big reaction.

Ask yourself… Do you want to build a reputation? Do you want to permanently brand yourself? Do you want to make an unforgettable impression? If so – this is how you do it (and you would happily spend 20X the amount to achieve doing so). If you purchase this item – it’s a small price to pay for the results and awareness you will command when you perform this illusion.

Even better:

  • The unit is compact and lightweight
  • Almost in-audible and produces only a very low sound.
  • Works on Five AA batteries – universally available. (we suggest Duracel Turbo.)
  • One Charge gives you enough for up to 30-35 uses.
  • You MUST wear long sleeves or a coat to perform with this unit.

You can perform this anywhere – on a stage, on a platform, in parlor or cabaret setting, at a bar, at a restaurant, a club, a game, a trade show, etc. etc… Thanks again to Viktor Voitko for allowing Stevens Magic to represent this fine line of products – for more Voitko Products – CLICK HERE!

Fielding West is the one who came up with the idea of producing the balloon from his mouth after it has been swallowed. He featured this effect on his L & L Teaching Video, which has been on the market for a great many years Fielding West is a very nice guy and a fine comedy magician who has appeared here in Vegas for well over thirty years.

The Appearing Balloon From Mouth.

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