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 Appearing Ladder by Wayne Rogers! This is the best quality and original model.  Don’t settle for anything less. This is the perfect walk-on routine for an MC, a strong opener for a comedian, a dramatic closing effect for any entertainer. The performer opens his briefcase and pulls up about a foot of what appears to be metal tubing. He continues to pull up and up and up. There is an 8-foot, silver ladder protruding from the briefcase! Now, the performer removes the full-size, seven rung ladder and carries it off to a great round of applause. Self contained. So real looking you’ll be tempted to climb it. Can be transferred to another production container.

This version does “not” come with a briefcase, but comes with a special utility prop that will allow you to use it with “any” briefcase, as well as a nice bag that the ladder could also be produced out of. However, it’s not just limited to these items, it could easily be produced from small suit case, a ladies hand bag and many other possible options. This is the best quality product on the market bar none!

This is the version that Harry Anderson (after purchasing one at the World Magic Seminar from Joe Stevens), took on board his return flight and asked the Flight Attendant if it qualified as overhead luggage! 

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