Appearing Ladder from Briefcase – Complete (Wayne Rogers)


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Finally available again in complete with the Briefcase!  Wayne Rogers is probably best known for this one item! Though he makes many more, this is the one people usually remember because it had incredible impact! At any time in the act you show a standard black vinyl briefcase, open it up and produce an 8 ft Ladder! Pick the ladder up and walk off with it over your shoulder. It’s absolutely unbelievable! A three dimensional masterpiece you’ll enjoy performing.

  • The Appearing Ladder comes complete with briefcase. Nothing else is required. Work it with the audience on three sides.
  • The case is specially designed to hide the secret.
  • Ladder can be transferred to another container if you wish

The Appearing Ladder employs Appearing Pole technology plus some brilliantly simple mechanics to create this amazing sight gag. Voted Best Effect at the 25th International New Zealand Magicians Convention, Lower Hutt, Easter 1999

“This is the way all magic should be manufactured!” THE TRICKERY

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