Appearing, Levitating and Vanishing Motorbike – Mike Michaels & Bill Smith

$24,500.00 $18,400.00

Product Description

Regular Price 20,000 Euro’s – Special Price 15,000 Euro’s.  Contact Mark at [email protected] for more details.

European Customers – here is a chance to save 5,000 Euro’s!  This product is FOB in Europe.  European customers would be the best possibly match for this illusion.  It can be shipped over seas and come with the ATA cases, but additional shipping would be required and is NOT reflected in the sales price.

The bike is also sigend by David Copperfield!

This is for all purposes a brand new illusion (however, technically it was used only 4 times on cruise ship) ready to ship, it includes:
1. Custom Made Chopper built by Mike Michaels
2. Alluminium Base built by Bill Smith
3. Floating Apparatus
4. Weights
5. Black Art Costumes
6. Two Tower lights for black art
7. Three professional ATA CASES
8. Necessary tools included
9. Working head light & tail light
10. Production and vanish cloth
11. Black art cover

Disclaimer: This product sells normally for 20,000 euros but is being offerred for 15,000 euros. The above dollar conversion is subject to change based on the value of the euro.

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