Appearing Snow Storm Fan V.2 – BLUE – Viktor Voitko

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The Appearing Snowstorm Fan is A signature effect in Viktor’s stage show for a good reason. As an artist who trained for years in the circus, Viktor understands the importance of a power visual effect, and his Appearing Snowstorm Fan is exactly that.

Viktor has improved this classic, so it now features two effects—not just one. (We highly encourage you to view the performance video on our website to see the power of this effect in action.)

Two killer effects in a row! First a BIG fan magically appears from thin air. Second a lot of confetti snowstorm out of nowhere! The visual impact is extraordinary when the snowstorm propels high into the air easily seen from all sitting in the largest theaters. Nothing evokes emotion more than the appearance of snow in spectator’s hearts, Kevin James has proven this time and time again with his act.

The goal of any good entertainers is to connect to their audience emotionally. These products will make that happen.

Important Points About Version 2.0 – Appearing Snow Storm Fan…You do “not” have to conceal or carry any extra confetti load from your hands! Everything is self-contained. All you have to execute is the simple act of making the fan appear—afterward everything flows until the emotional ending climax.

Version 2.0 also has a new effect (previously not featured in the original). You take three napkins, squeeze them, then upon the appearance of the fan your napkins turn into multicolored confetti. In the beginning, the confetti appears and is clearly only one color, then magically and visually it changes into another color! And for a third and final time, it changes one again into yet another different colored confetti! For seasonal shows, you can use two napkins red and green (for Christmas for example), or other colors for other occasions and/or different holidays. This adds a very specific and personalized theme to a special performance. Contents: Special hand-made, strong fan with special gimmick for snowstorming. Gimmick for appearance of the Snowstorming Fan. Pack of confetti. Teaching video instruction (available via access to a website). Snowstorming Fans comes in various colors such as Gold, Silver, Red, Blue. Please note if you must have specific color it could delay fulfillment based on what is currently in stock at Stevens Magic.

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