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This is the book that has already received it’s stature as a future “classic” for magi’s for years to come from David Regal.  Stevens Magic is happy to provide it to our esteemed clients.   The book deals with everything from Bills, Beer, Socks, Envelopes, DVD’s Coffee Cups, Baskets, Boxes, Borrowed Rings, Pieces of Paper, Paperback Books, a Bulletin Board, a Glass Canister, a Wand, A Pencil and a Marshmallow.  Plus Cards & Coins, Magic for Stand Up, Sit Down and Near and Far. This book details how it works and also how to perform it! APPROACHING MAGIC features over 500 pages with over 1000 photographs and is a steal for the price you pay.   “David Regal’s magic is just sensational, and the presentations are equally ingenious. He’s fooled me, surprised me, made me laugh, and made me wonder.  Most of all, he made me wonder where all these great ideas come from.  Now every magician will know. They come from this book.” ——  Jim Steinmeyer   “The ‘One-hand Half Pass’ completely flew by me… I simply had no clue. David has given the brethren a diabolical new tool to create miracles.” —— Roger Klause   Price includes shipping in the US.

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