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What could be the most amazing utility device since the thumb tip, is now available from House of Magic – Mark”Buma” Burger.

Liquids have been incorporated in Mmgic for years, with great success! This could be the most innovative gimmick/effect in liquid magic – ever!

This unique prop is nothing like we have ever seen and Buma has combined two unique substances that are often used in magic, and married them into a utility device that allows you to perform the impossible!

Even better this effect may be performed close-up, parlor, and even stage when routined for such. Shipped complete with Buma’s Bonus Routine “UP!” (which is provided on a disc) and features an 18 page PDF document which provides step-by-step instructions and companion photos for almost each step! The value added routine is excellent and makes learning second nature!

The routine “UP!” is wherein an empty glass is filled with a drink, then covered up with a napkin and slowly inverted 180 degree’s – not only does the liquid NOT spill out – but when the inverted glass is uncovered, it is seen in it’s original upright position (still filled with a drink)! This can be repeated as desired with the uncovered glass always seen filled and UP!

This is just “one” effect that can be incorporated using this innovative and unique gimmick. In the world of magic it’s very rare to truly discover something new and unique – this is it! The applications are exponential using one’s creativity!

Trust us when we tell you this comes with a clever gimmick that is CUSTOM CRAFTED specifically for magic. This is NOT something that was found or used in another industry that just so happens to also work as a magic gimmick – NO NO NO!
This item is pain-stakingly crafted by hand, specifically for this purpose. It will last years with proper care and could be one of your most valued tools in your magic arsenal!

Remember the following points:

It Appears Filled With Liquid.
It Penetrates The Table Filled With Liquid!
It Vanishes Filled With Liquid!
It Sets Up In Seconds!
It’s Totally Portable!
It’s Completely Examinable!
It Can Be Performed Sleeveless!
You Can Use Any Beverage!
It Is Hand Made And Custom Crafted From Medical Grade Materials!

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