Aronson Approach (Book)


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Simon Aronson is an accomplished close-up performer, a renowned mentalist and acknowledged as the creator of sophisticated, blockbuster card magic. Aronson’s special approach to card magic has been recognized and applauded by top-flight magicians around the world: direct, clean and straightforward plots, combined with original, subtle and devilishly clever methods, to product effects consistently in the “miracle class” category. Aronson proves that advanced, baffling and entertaining card magic does not have to be difficult…subtleties, stacked, gaffs, mental skills and sleights are all artfully blended, to create top-quality, yet easy-to-perform effects. The Aronson Approach includes a comprehensive, well-written, in-depth exploration of the principles and ideas underlying each effect, with variations, alternative applications and lead-in and follow-up routines to expand your horizons. Aronson’s detailed discussions will give you many hours of absorbing, thought-provoking reading.

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