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How do magic tricks come about? Well, here’s on fanciful explanation: They’re trained in infancy! The magician offers to demonstrate using nine cards, blank on both sides, and a black poker chip. “They’re unprinted, fresh from the factory, and ready to learn!” A spectator signs an adhesive sticker, which is placed onto one of the blank cards. The participant loses this signed card in amount the others, and then deals the cards into a three-by-three layout. Now the magic begins, as printing suddenly appears on the plastic chip: the word, “Start,” plus an arrow, indicating where to begin. The designated card is now turned over, and it’s got another arrow, and that points to yet another card. The process continues, until-yep, you guessed it – the last arrow points to the signed card! If you know mentalism, you know Phil Goldstein, and here is your chance to pick up another gem! By Max Maven/Phil Goldstein.

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