Art Of Card Throwing (Smith) (DVD)

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Flicks, Nicks & Other Cool Tricks With Cards from Rick Smith, Jr. LEARN HOW TO: • Throw cards for speed, distance and accuracy! • Slice vegetables with a single playing card! • Topple a pyramid of soda cans with a flick of the wrist! • Perform eye-popping stunts & flourishes with playing cards! IT’S FINGER FLICKING FUN! What do you get when you cross a 92 mph fastball with a young man Ohio who harbors an intense love of card magic? The Guinness World Record for throwing a playing card further than anyone else in history. The young man is Rick Smith, Jr. and on March 21, 2002, he obliterated the world record for card throwing with a laser beam toss of 216 feet 4 inches eclipsing the previous longstanding mark by over 15 feet! On this fascinating DVD, Rick teaches you how to spice up your magic by throwing cards for distance, speed and accuracy… He also demonstrates and teaches numerous card flourishes and stunts; including eye-popping displays of card spinning, flicking and kicking. COMPLETE CONTENTS INCLUDE: Card Throwing, Card Throwing Stunts and Card Flourishing & Stunts.

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