Art of Costume Changing (Yasuda), Volume 59 (GMVL) DVD


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Filmed on location in Nagoya, Japan with Joe Stevens at UGM. Co., Nagoya, Japan.  This DVD teaches the art of “Quick Change” and “Costume Changing.”

The fifty-ninth release in the “Greater Magic Library” showcases one of Japan’s premier magicians with his fabulous act. Combining magic effects sprinkled with some of the most dynamic, lightning fast, high energy costume changes in the world of magic!

Yasuda took years to create, perfect, and perform this famous act.

You will not only enjoy the performance but will learn the “inner secrets” of the “Art of Costume Changes” in his explanations!

You will learn:

  • Preparation of the costumes
  • Types of material to use
  • Secrets of multiple costume usage
  • Ins and outs of quick releases
  • Creating different methods of presentations
  • Timing and training
  • The “Why and How’s” of the art.
  • Sit back and invite your lady friends or spouse to enjoy this marvelous act as well.

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