Astral Traveler – Extra Destination Cards – Souvenir Give Away (Non Gimmicked) – China


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Important: Do NOT purchase this item unless you already own the complete Astral Traveler Effect of the same variety as this, or are purchasing it in concert at this time with this accessory.

Astral Traveler is one of the best hidden gems we offer at Stevens Magic Emporium. As stated in the ad copy for the actual full product, you can’t truly appreciate the quality nor the impact this effect has until you have held it in your hands. Andreas has gone to exceptional details to make sure the authenticity is unquestionable. Its a perfect example of not rushing to get a product out early and waiting until it truly is ready.

The idea of being able to hand out or give-away, a copy of the destination ticket the spectator choose is brilliant. It’s that special something that reminds them of the magical event they didn’t just witness but was a participant of. For this reason – It is possible to buy extra postcards in sets of 10 for all of the destinations. A postcard is a nice way to give your participant a memory of you and your performance.

REPEAT: This is a solely an accessory for an existing product.  Do not purchase this item unless you already own or are now purchasing the complete Astral Traveler with the same destination.

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