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lesCross1We’ve been working with Les Cross for almost a year and we are happy to finally be able to offer one of his most revered and in demand products to our clients. Thanks Les for working with Stevens Magic.

Astrogem Geomancy is the Oracle of Heaven and Earth. It is a method of divination which combines geomancy and astrology into a single Oracle. Gemstones are used to represent both geomes (the geomantic figures) and the astrological planets. The gemstones are ‘cast’ on to a chart and this allows you to give a geomantic reading combined with a kind of ‘instant horoscope’.

Using a combination of the geomantic and astrological meanings, together with your intuitive sense you can then give a ‘reading’ to describe and discuss a client’s current situation, the factors which surround it and how matters might develop in the future.

Your client can then use that information to think how stop feeling stuck where they are, or how they might capitalise on the possible new avenues and approaches. It will always be up to them to decide what to do with the information. In other words, you decide how best to shape your fate….   See below for more details.

Now you can get “both” the Cards and the Manual.

Astrogem Oracle Cards
The original Astrogem Oracle cards. Each card shows a geome, gemstone, planetary correspondence, zodiac sign, key word meanings and ‘iconic image’ of the meaning. The cards may be used as a memory aid to learn the full system or to give readings in their own right. Simple and straightforward to use. They are light and easy to carry allowing you to give readings any time, anywhere. Astrogem Oracle Cards, is a pack of 32 cards

The manual provides a details of the Astrogem Oracle card system. It presents the essentials of the Four Levels model, Flow, the house meanings and the signs of the zodiac. Several methods of laying out the cards are described with the use in applications of each layout – from single cards through to full 12-card spreads. There are useful sections on how to tap into your intuition and how to combine the Oracle cards with other forms of divination.


History of Geomancy Continued:

Rediscovering the Ancient Magic: Geomancy is one of the oldest known oracles. Making predictions based on the signs and symbols of Earth can be traced back some 3000 years to the ancient Chaldeans. And although once widely employed to tell fortunes and answer questions of almost every kind it has largely fallen from public view.

In 1456 Johannes Hartlieb, physician to the nobility of Bavaria and Austria, published his “Book on all forbidden arts, superstition and sorcery” and named geomancy as one of the seven forbidden magical practices. Naturally, nobody took any notice, and geomancy flourished in Europe through to the Renaissance. But since that time (and despite a couple of efforts to revive interest in it) the Oracle has dwindled in popularity and is today known to relatively few.

This is now changing – and you can be part of it…. Part of the reason for geomancy’s current lack of popularity is probably because creating geomantic readings tends to be time-consuming. It often involves picking the right time and day and invoking various spirit entities. Astrogem Geomancy doesn’t do that.

Astrogem is designed for today’s reader and audience. It is quick to both learn and to give a reading. No laborious calculation is required. And the only spirits invoked are those of good humour and the spirit of enquiry.

Traditionally, the geomantic figures are not easy to understand and interpret at first glance. Take a look at these. . .


Any meanings they might have are not exactly intuitively obvious, are they? But the geomantic figures can be read just as they are and they are full of meaning.

(In case you were wondering, the figures above show that your luck is just about to change for the better – that there is about to be a great demand for you and what you can offer, but that you don’t feel quite ready to commit yet because of all the work you think is involved. You are going to have to get your act together fast in order to meet the challenges ahead, though. They also show that despite all the preparation so far, you’re going to be in for an interesting lesson when you do start the project off – you’d better buckle-up, you’re in for quite a ride!).  Can you see all that? It’s easy when you know how! Once you have learned the basic principles of reading you can develop more and more depth with Astrogem.

  • Discover how easy it is to start giving readings.
  • Connect with others by giving readings.

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