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Product Copy by Mark Stevens 

Astrostar allows you to perform something incredible and amazing for your spectators. You hand over a horoscope book, to the participants who are free to confirm that it what it is – a book filled with horoscopes similar to those that are easily found in bookstores or online. Yet this is a genuine Miracle Maker.  Cut to the heart – with this book you will be able to divine a participants astrological sign and the exact date of birth of a complete stranger.  Keep in mind NOTHING is written down by the participant – NOR do you ask ANY questions.  Now STOP – Think about this for a few seconds.  Seriously – because if you don’t ponder the power of that your moving too fast.

It’s important to note this effect is not classically related to the “magician” but instead to the reader.  That’s a another valid point because left to just the immediate simple revelation of the two “unknowns” that are now “known to you” thanks to this book – you’re missing the power of it.  A reader or mentalist is strategic about the collection of data but even more methodical about how and when they plan to utilize it.   I have learned that personally the difference between magic and a person doing reading.  I love them both – but they are totally different in execution.  I remember when Gilbert Raimon illustrated this concept to me (along with many others over the years including Ted Lesley), when we were at Academy de Magie – Georges Proust – in France.  Gilbert exemplified using the delivery of a reader and not a magician – and let’s just say while the information was delayed when it hit was exponentially more impactful.

It boils down to a tool – that is completely inconspicuous yet exceptionally powerful at obtaining personal information – for you to decide how and when you wish to utilize it. This product is not new but it was fortunately never really mass produced.  Originally written in German and then translated into English.  It’s a product that has continued to hold its value.  The beauty of this is that it works in almost any venue and does so in plain sight without any concern regards to exposing the workings.  Product comes with 12-page soft booklet instructional.   The book is hardbound, approx. 381 pages but can be easily held in your hand. Dims approx. 7 1/2″ tall by 4 1/2 wide.

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