At The Table Live Lecture by Danny Archer – DVD

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Balls – A stand up sleight of hand effect with small rubber balls. They appear, vanish, and change color in a magical, fast paced routine.

Lost and Smelled – A spectator selects a card, cuts it into the deck then shuffles several times. The magician finds the card in spite of the impossible conditions.

Pick a Coin – A self-working stand-up coin routine that can be performed for a single person or an audience of hundreds.

PurseFly – Three coins are produced from a purse fly, travel invisibly from hand to hand and then vanish as they are replaced.

Drawn Again – An impromptu drawing dupe that is easy and deceptive.

The Archer – Two selections from one half are magically shot across to the other half with your impromptu bow.

Olympic Aces – The easiest handling of a hard trick (Ambidextrose Traveller) .

Dye & Dye – An exceptionally clean handling of the classic silk dying.

Star Search – A double prediction using pictures of movie stars (or any pictures that work for your audience) .

Big Bill – A version of the classic Bank Night routine.

Animental – Four people think of an animal and you reveal all four thoughts.

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