Auto-Test by Theo Timmerman


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Case is black unlike the red counterpart in the picture.

Theo Timmerman – the talented closed-up performer, creator and dealer from Holland and his Timmerman Magic Productions.

From the late Theo Timmerman in the Netherlands. A hard shell case is opened and a small packet of cards showing Old-Timer Automobiles with illustrations and Auto Make. These are shuffled and one card is chosen (not forced) and placed face down without looking on the table.

The magician removes a key with tag from his pocket and places it beside the chosen card. Within the case are several number plates that are shown to be different. The spectator is asked to give a number which ends up designating which number plate is to be removed from the case.

The number plate is placed upon the table next to the card and the key with tag. The number plate is shown and the card is turned over and the tag to the key is also flipped over. The name on the tag matches the automobile and the number plate matches exactly the plate number on the tag below the auto make!

This is a very well made effect and the cards are laminated to hold up to performance. The key tags and auto plates are engraved. A wonderful effect quality made and long unavailable. Includes illustrated instructions in English language.

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