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Note; This does NOT come with Rubber Cement – which is required to make the envelopes, but usually available locally. 

“Wayne Rogers’ new book, Automated 2-Way Prediction Envelope is a joy! It is clearly written in a straight forward way, it is a full sized book (over 40 pages) and the illustrations and production are top notch! The name of the book may be misleading to some. Yes, it is a 2-way prediction envelope, but you also have to realize it is also a switching and forcing envelope as well. That opens the door to a lot of great mentalism! Wayne is a consummate professional and he thinks in practical ways. The envelopes are easy and quick to make, work flawlessly and can even be recycled. And then comes the routines! There’s dedicated material from the likes of Richard Webster, Chris Matthewson, Luca Volpe, Greg Arce and many more! There is not a single routine that I wouldn’t do in a real paying show and I mean that! I’m sure you will find something for you regardless of what your performing style is. I am honored to be associated with this book.”

Richard Osterlind
April, 2013

This is a phenomenal device for mentalist… Imagine a powerful utility that allowed you to switch two possible predictions – right under the nose of the spectator. Even better – and more amazing – “the spectator handles the envelope!”

What would you pay for such a utility prop? If you’re smart, you know it’s worth “much” more then the price of this special book and kit.

While there are many “multiple out” envelopes in the world of magic, and also available in the market, “few can be handled by the spectator without them discovering the workings!”

This book doesn’t just list the various recognized ways to achieve this, it teaches you how to make them, including materials and construction. Why give a man food when you can teach him how to fish? Why would you want to purchase specialty envelopes at a premium, that don’t come close to the power and versatility of this one?

Wayne has done an amazing job collecting respected pro’s who share their own insight and tips in this process. This could be the most valuable product of 2013.

Contents include:

Wayne Rogers who shares his:

Rat Trap Roulette
Automated Pegasus
Sit Up Stand Up
Automatic Random Bill Switch

Paul Romhany (the hardest working man in magic) contributes his:

Book Test Envelope

Stefan Olschewski contributes:
Bank Night
ESP Prediction
Win-Win Situation

Greg Arce
Pseudo Russian Roulette
Silent Running Tic Tack Toe

The Pegasus Page

Luca Volpe
A Quick Opener

Andrew Gerard
Simply Binary

Richard Webster
Money, Money, Money

Chris Matthewson
A Study In Technicolor

The book is 44 pages chockfull of exceptionally detailed images, sketches. It is equally well written in that it is easy to read and easy to follow. A big KUDO to Wayne Rogers for taking less then simple steps in construction and using sequential images to illustrate them. In addition Wayne uses exceptionally well thought out narrative and a writer’s style for punctuation.  The end result – even a person with ADHD is able to easily understand the creation of this powerful device.

In Case You Didn’t Know:  Wayne Rogers is a full-time professional magician and magic manufacture living in Auckland, New Zealand, where he performs as Chicane Mystery Entertainer.  Wayne is a true ambassador to our art. He is exceptionally devoted to due dilligence and recognition of previous works.  He’s character is of the highest caliber. He truly has the wisdom of Solomon.  You may have heard him because he is also the creator of high-quality appearing poles and appearling ladder.  He has the gift of passion, and everything he does – is done exceptioanlly well…

Stevens Magic is excited  to work with Wayne on this project.

Of course, Tricky Envelopes are a special interest and the Automatic 2-Way Prediction Envelope, is the one he currently uses in all his shows.

Book is 8.5 X 11-inches, perfect bound and has 45 pages.

Copyright Wayne Rogers 2013.


A couple of comments about the Auto Envelope. First off, I can’t stop touching the cover the book. I’m not sure what type of printing this is called, but it’s very tactically satisfying. The production value is first rate.

Also, I’ve performed Romhany’s Book Test, without the book. I simply have been using the a deck of cards and envelope to force a number. So simple, but plays quite strong. It’s just so clean.

I wish you great success with the book, but hope that most will read it and put it on the shelf. It’s that good. And I, who very rarely can make anything, am able to crank out about 10 envelopes in 10 minutes.

Truly the most practical mentalism purchase I’ve made this year.    —  Michael Spremulli


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