Baby Gag (Ken Brooke)


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15″ Tall by 11 1/2 Wide means highly visible even on large stages! 

Professional Magic for the Professional Magician! This is one of the greatest values in the entire Ken Brooke Magic Range!  Worth every penny as you will see as it always gets two powerful laughs from the audience.  Great for an intro Ice Breaker, because it’s a sight gag that allows you to focus full 100% on the presentation.  The perfect way to set the tone for the rest of the show, but can be performed anytime!

A great gag featured by many top performers including Paul Daniels. It’s pure humor and a thousand laughs. The audience is asked to name any famous person. The performer claims to have that person’s picture in an envelope marked “PREDICTION!” The magician then pulls out the contents from his envelope to reveal a color drawing of a baby – whom he claims is the same celebrity called out by the audience member at the tender age of 12 months!

Then he explains that he was covered no matter who was named – and he shows pictures of a black baby, a yellow baby and a red baby. A cute comedy routine ideal for an MC, comedy club performer or any one wanting a few laughs in their act. Check out the video- clip on our website…you won’t believe it! Check out Bill Malone’s version featured on Volume 1 of his “Here I Go Again” DVDs. Highly recommended.

NEW EVEN LOWER PRICE!  Each unit comes carefully wrapped to preserve the finish and shipped in a special heavy duty custom mailer. 


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1 review for Baby Gag (Ken Brooke)

  1. William Hegbli

    Ken Brooke use to sell this item with only a few sentences of text. No discribtion of patter or effect. Just as a prop that is guaranteed to get laughs. Those that trusted Ken Brooke, sent for the effect.
    When I tried it the 1st time on a show, it killed the audience with laughter. Even if you do not do prediction magic, bring your act up a couple of notices with this Classic effect. You will be glad you did! I never leave it out as it is easy to carry, easy to perform in a spot when a helping spectator is returning to their seats from a previous effect. Of course you should follow the excellent instrucitons. Highly Recommended!!

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