Back Drop - Ton Onosaka
Back Drop - OnosakaBack Drop Ton OnosakaBack Drop Card Trick - OnosakaBackdrop - Onosakabackdrop - Ton OnosakaBack Drop - Ton Onosaka

Back Drop – Onosaka


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Without question, one of the greatest effects that gets a reaction in card magic is Al Baker’s Diminishing cards – also available at Stevens Magic! HOWEVER, this recent edition from the fertile mind of Ton Onosaka could give it a run for it’s money. Back Drop is a great visual effect that really will cause a great deal of unusual faces from your spectators as you perform it.

Back Drop Ton Onosaka

Effect: Magician has a spectator choose a card and it is returned to the deck, the magician is going to find the card in a completely innovative way. Holding the deck he bangs it down onto his other palm, repeating this gesture a few times and incredibly the back of the cards start to fall down – visually melting! The rest of the card backs are show and they too are melting away, with one exception! As the magician fans through the backs of the melted and distorted cards there is only one card that hasn’t melted! It is turned over and is the spectators card!

  • No Difficult Slights
  • Custom Crafted Deck by Ton Onosaka
  • Note: Only available in RED back Bicycle Only.

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