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Bill Trotter Magic

Effect: A miniature stage is shown to the audience; a stage floor with a drape and two colorful placards. A playing card is selected by a member of the audience to represent ‘the magician’. A jumbo duplicate of this selected card is displayed by the performer and used so that all may see ‘the magician’.

The ‘magician’ (playing card) is now dropped between the two boards and when they are removed, the ‘magician’ has vanished! Oh, oh! as the performer turns to put the stage away the spectators see the ‘magician’ hiding beneath the stage floor! Well, since the performer has been caught, he proceeds to explain the effect and repeats the moves, but this time shows the ‘magician’ dropping through the trap door.

“Now”, states the performer, ” if people should demand to look under the cloth, you really do have to perform magic!” Here he wisps the cloth away and the ‘magician’ card has really vanished this time, without a trace! Every inch of the stage, boards, curtain etc., is shown, ye t the jumbo card is nowhere to be found.

Self contained vanish, (you supply matching cards). Bright lacquers, silk screened designs. Typical Viking professional quality.

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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