Backward In Time – Michael Ammar & Albo Twisto – Russ Polizzi – Featuring The Albo Card – FREE with Purchase $25 or more


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Stevens Magic Exclusive!  FREE with any order $25 or more! This offer NOT valid with ANY OTHER SME Promotion(s) and our coupons.You MUST add this to your cart – it is NOT provided to ANY order $25 or more.  If you do not add it to your cart it will not be included in your package. The $25 total MUST come from regularly priced products.  Discounted, Estate items, antiques and/or or clearance items do “not” count towards achieving the $25 minimum. Only ONE FREE unit per customer, per order – regardless of total amount spent.   In other words, if we offer a variety of free products with a minimum purchase, you must choose only one of the options (and equally are only eligible for one unit of that chosen product). You MUST add the item to your cart – it is NOT given automatically with any order over the required dollar amount.  Other limitations may apply. 

A $15.00 Value – FREE with a minimum purchase of $25!  Comes with TWO routines.  Michael Ammar’s – Backward In Time, and Russ Polizzi’s – Albo Twisto (both of which use the Albo Card).

This was a collaboration of two respected individuals who have committed their lives to the art of magic.  Michael Ammar, one of the greatest close-up workers in the art and our friend, the late Robert Albo, MD.  Bob as his friends called him was most noted for detailed preservation of antique magic apparatus which includes the famous Albo Books and the Video Production he did with us at Stevens Magic.  But he also created what is called the Albo Card.

Backward in Time by Michael Ammar: A card is freely selected and torn into pieces. One piece is kept for identification. The remaining pieces magically restore, except for one piece whose perfect fit is used to confirm the identity of the card. As a finale, you offer to restore even this last piece. But to really distinguish the experience, you restore the corner backwards, leaving them with a souvenir in a uniquely impossible condition.Features the Albo Card and two unique presentations by Michael Ammar. Comes with the necessary cards specially printed on Bicycle stock and detailed, professionally produced photo-illustrated instructional booklet.

BONUS effect: Albo Twisto – Russ Polizzi.  Featuring fully illustrated, frame-by-frame instructional.

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