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Updated Improved Version. Add a Number Routine.

Updated version features new locking system! This 10″ by 7 ½ in Slate board duplicates the original Baker-Dunniger style chalk board slate but with the modern convenience of a dry erase surface. This allows for a simple wipe down with a dry cloth and you are ready for the next performance. Imagine no more chalk dust or white smudges on your costume or props. The black on white printing makes it much easier to read even from a distance, allowing for a larger audience. Approx. 12 ounces – so it’s solid! This 7/8 in wide by 3/8 in thick solid oak frame has tenon and grove joints at each rounded corner which gives maximum strength and durability, and adds an old school styling and charm to the trick. The wood is then coated at least five times with a durable semi gloss lacquer.

Keeping with tradition this slate has a space for 4 sets of numbers and a space for the sum total of these numbers. Five spaces in all Just like the original, which has been tried and tested for many generations and dazzles the audience with your prediction prowess.

Stevens Magic’s own master craftsman, Louie Gaynor has meticulously hand crafted each board with special care given to each piece to assure a flawless performance every time. Once you know the secret all you need is an audience then you too can astound the masses with your uncanny prediction abilities.

The back of the slate is also a dry erase surface, it gives the magician a blank billboard on which to display any symbol, logo, or anything else they wish to apply to it, free advertising space, what a bargain. Comes with dry erase marker, complete instructions on execution.

Routine: Mentalist point to a large envelope that is sealed and has been in the same position. He produces a dry erase slate and hands it to the first of three spectators with a marker and asked them to write in a random four-digit number, then the magician hands it to two more participants who also write a random four digit number. Finally the slate is handed to a fourth spectator who then totals ups the numerical sums of the numbers and reveals it, (for example 20,093). The mentalist then asks another member of the audience to go up and grab the sealed envelope, open it and show it to the audience. Sure enough upon doing so – the previously predicted number is a match – 20,093.

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