Ball and Silk Vase – Walnut – Richard Spencer


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Joe was the project lead on this because of his close personal ties with Lloyd Chambers, who was one of his early influencers in the art of magic. Lloyd worked for Floyd Thayer after WWII., and eventually returned to his Kansas farm. Where Joe got to know him and learned a tremendous amount about the art.

This is a gorgeous and truly unique piece of magic apparatus.  Every collector should have several variations of high quality ball vases from various makers, but this particular version is one that is rarely seen.  While it has been manufactured before, none of them have been done so to this degree of meticulous quality and design.  Previous models failed to significantly provide ample room for the final execution.  Our promise: This version is the culmination of quality and functionality that is custom made at a level of craftsmanship that has never before been equaled.

  • Dimensions: Taller than most bass vases.
  • Base Diameter: 2 5/8″ overall height 7″ diameter at lid, 2 5/8″.
  • Vase ball and lid crafted from Stabilized North American Walnut
  • This piece was finished with a 3 part buffing system ending with Carnauba wax.

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