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Wire ball holders are designed to conceal a manipulation ball or egg (or similar device) and are usually cliped near the edge of a coat, such that they can be easily accessed when needed and the item can be removed quickly.  They serve a very basic execution but serve it consistently well.

These are ususally used in billiard ball routines, allowing the performer to “steal” extra balls, for production or color changes.  A hollow ball is also a great thing to store them in so you can transform a silk into a ball. This unit can hold different sized balls but primarily are best set for a particular size and not attempted to change the sizing later, especially to a smaller ball.  They are sturdy and will last, but they are a utility item, and as such the more you use them the sooner you will be needing a replacement.

Note:  Ball Holder does NOT come with ball.  Photo used for is for “conceptual” purposes only.

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