Balloon To Dove – Made For Joe Berg – Worth Magic – Original Okito Transfers – Estate


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Important:  Additional shipping WILL BE REQUIRED for this piece due to it’s size, signature and insurance will be required.  Estate items like this are “NOT” eligible for any coupons, discounts or specials, nor can merchandise credit be used on them. 

This is a beautiful production box crafted by Jim Simon’sWorth Magic” specifically for Joe Berg.  If you notice the decals – they are original Okito Decals.  Very much a unique piece in all aspects, from who it was manufactured by, and who it was being made for and provided to – Joe Berg. Any Okito aficionado will immediately recognize the original Okito transfers.   The piece is unique and for those that enjoy having a wild card piece of apparatus this certainly qualifies.  Wild card defined as one that is a true puzzler for most knowledgeable collectors.  Whenever, I have shared this piece privately through images, it always piques the interest and I enjoy setting back to see if the recipient is able to correctly identify it’s origin, maker and history.   Truth is I really want to highlight this piece in one of my future trivia contest.   Where I will provide a price if they are able to correctly identify the maker, and the history of it.  I’m betting if I did that, there wouldn’t be more than a few people that would be able to correct answer the question.   That is why I personally have an interest in these “wild” card pieces of unique apparatus.

Condition: Fair to Good.  The cabinets integrity is solid, there are some cosmetic blemishes.  However the decals are in good shape. 


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