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New and improved! This newest version of Bill Montana’s Bank Night is by far the best I have seen. Included with the board is an advanced new adhesive for the envelopes, that was specially designed and is two-faced, no glare, mat finished and re-positionable. The board has a nicer professional finish that looks like it is just a board. The gaff has been reworked to make handling more natural and make it no hang up guaranteed. 

Bill Montana is putting out a very well made “Bank Night” board that will serve you well. Stevens Magic has sold various types of similar props to accomplish the same thing – but none were of “this” degree of quality from the materials and craftsmanship.  We thank them for choosing Stevens Magic as their exclusive distributor (other then themselves of course).

Sample Effect: Five sealed envelopes are spread out on a board, which is 9″ x 12″ in size and 5/8″ thick. Four spectators’ are each asked to select one of the envelopes. The performer states that in one of the envelopes there is a $100 bill (or a $5, $10, $20 or $50 bill) and they each have a free choice of what envelope they would like to have. One envelope is to be left for the performer. he has no choice but must take the one left for him. Upon tearing open their envelopes, the spectators’ find a blank piece of paper the size of a bill. However, when the performer opens his envelope, he removes the $100 bill (or whatever denomination was used). Other items can be substituted instead of using bills.

The board used for this effect is a handy apparatus, not only for “Bank Night,” but for those wishing to exchange messages in mental work or add extra cards to those counted on the board when cards are poured into a hat or into the hand. As such there are many uses for this deceptive little device.

Comes with instructional booklet which provides instructions and idea’s and the specially made prop.  Note: Color of paint may vary from production run to run.  Photo for illustration purposes only.


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