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Reading For Fun & Profit – The ancient science of Palmistry from Master Palmist, Bill Perron. Bill has been reading palms for over 30 years. This DVD is entertaining, amusing and easy to learn! Excellent for
private events! Fun for the participants! Aristotle wrote a treatise on Palmistry for his student, Alexander, that is still in print today. Hypocrites could correctly diagnose over 100 illnesses by looking at a person’s palm.

Ancient physicians in China and India have a written history using palmistry for centuries. The lines on the hand can and do change! Bill Perron has the finest instructional DVD on this art. Since mentalism is more popular than ever, just think how doing Palm Readings would do for your booking abilities. People always love to hear what the lines in their hands describe and how they can change their personality as life goes on. Learn what Bill teaches—it will “open your eyes” to a great new revenue for you as a performer.

Bill keeps it simple to learn—you just need practice in doing it to be able to deliver an honest evaluation of people’s dreams. Worth every penny!

“I cannot tell you impressed I was with viewing Bill’s DVD!” –Joe Stevens

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