Bauer (Balance Under Your Control)


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AVAILABLE AGAIN! Finally all other balance tricks are past tense! As performed on TV by CYRIL! This is one of those rare effects that appeal to everyone. No expression can be possible except “shock” when watching this illusion performed in front of your eyes!

EFFECT: Magician brings out a deck of cards from the case allowing them to be inspected. The magician returns the cards into the case again and closes the flip. Of course he can show the inside and outside of the case, but nothing strange is found. He then balances the case vertically on his open palm – hamming it up, but the audience isn’t buying this simple feat. Then the magician puts his forefinger on the case and first tilts almost parallel to the floor.

What happens next is unbelievable, the magician removes his finger and the card case remains frozen in that tilted position! Somehow it remains balanced despite the logical impossibility. The Magi then changes the angle and tilts it a various positions, and it continues to remain balanced! At the end, he removes the cards from the case again and shows both case and cards. But the audience finds nothing from them.

· No Threads

· No Magnets

· Nothing is set on your body. You use only cards and case.

· Can be performed with short sleeves or with a jacket.

· Your hand is completely empty from start to end.

· Nothing added or removed.

· Start clean and end clean

· No reset is needed.

Preparation takes only 1 second! Two color variations are available, blue or red. Please choose the color when you order. If you do not choose we will choose to expedite the order.



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