Becompass DX Modern – Paul Curry and Ton Onosaka


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The brilliance of Ton Onosaka makes the Paul Curry Mind Freeze even more amazing. Effect: 2 Blue and Red Compass Cards are shown to have arrows point in the same direction on both sides. When a “Magnet Card” is put next to the other arrows the are shown to turn in the most impossible fashion. After showing how the magnets on the cards work, and for the finally the cards are put on top of each other and when pulled away one card is shown to have way more arrows than it started with!

Paul Curry is one name that any magician should immediately recognized his contributions to the art legendary. This effect is based on his classic “Turnabout” released approximately 45 years ago. But don’t make the mistake of thinking old school can’t school you! As Ton Onosaka adds his beautiful deception to this classic we have the definition of exponential. This effect comes with two routines the Becompass Classic and Modern, both of which are detailed via access to the online tutorial. But this product is really a spring board that allows you to come up with your own applications.

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