Behind the Scenes with Mediums by David Abbot – 2nd Edition Signed by F.G. Thayer – Heldman Estate


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Hardback. Good Condition. 1 page fell out. From Thayer’s Personal Library.

From Floyd Thayer’s personal library (signed by Thayer see image) we offer Behind the Scenes with Mediums by David P. Abbott. Here Abbott exposes the secrets of fraudulent mediums. One of the original debunkers David P. Abbott like Houdini was passionately moved to reveal the hidden secrets and methods including but not limited to: reading in the dark – materializing objects – sealed letter reading – spirit slates as well as other chicane methods and spiritualistic tricks used in séances.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Washington Irving Bishop’s Sealed Letter Reading in a New Dress
  • Test Where a Trick Envelope with a Double Front is used
  • The Mystic Oracle of the swinging pendulums or Mind over Matter – A Rapping Hand – Light and Heavy Chest
  • Tests Given in a large store room with curtains for partitions, Using telegraphy, etc.
  • A Billet Test Using A Trick Envelope – A Spirit message written on a Slate
  • Flower Materialization
  • The Dark Séance, Mental Tests Spirit Voices, Taps, and Lights.
  • Materialization.
  • Preparation of Luminous Costumes, Method of Presentation.

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