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“This effect not only speaks to my soul it is exceptionally powerful and professional all the way. Bill is WAS of our best kept secrets in Mentalism… You’ll love this I promise!”Neal Scryer!

IMPORTANT: The video on this product page is NOT directly associated with product. It is provided solely for historical references which shows the actual movie this effect is based off of.  Or put differently it’s provided for effect and seasoning if you will.

A Spooky Tale of Hollywood as told by William Barclay. “You’ve heard of Bela Lugosi, right?” You can almost guarantee your spectator will answer in a phony Hungarian accent: “I am…Dracula.” Or, if they are a Real Fan, they’ll try “Pull the string!” (From the Ed Wood classic Glen or Glenda.) Even if they are unfamiliar with the actor, continue your story.

“In 1931 Bela Lugosi starred in the movie version of Dracula, a role he had created on Broadway. It was a huge hit for Universal Pictures and Lugosi became an instant star. Overnight he was crowned Hollywood royalty and was in great demand. In fact, he made 4 other films in 1931 alone!”

“In 1932 everything changed. Lugosi chose to appear in a low budget independent production entitled White Zombie. The villain, an evil voodoo master named Murder Legendre, appealed to Lugosi. To create authenticity for his character, he insisted the producers arrange a meeting with a genuine Voodoo Priest!”

The routine takes the participant on a voodoo journey where if the fates don’t shine right they can end up with mortal consequences.  Will the participant be left cursed to endure pain and anguish or by some miracle blessed and safe from ALL curses?  The routine is exceptionally well thought-out and perfect for close-up, table-hoping.  It’s a perfect ice-breaker and can be performed anytime of year.  It’s official in fact, the Worldwide Voodoo Society has received official international recognition that Voodoo is NOT just for Halloween anymore.  So now you can go forth and perform this fun, entertaining, light-hearted ice-breaker all year

This download comes with two professionally crafted PDF’s which refreshingly credits in the references the individuals who created the techniques used in this effect. PDF Card graphics are included as a separate file.  Highly Recommended by Stevens Magic!

Copyright William Barclay 2021 in association with Vince Wilson.

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