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We found a small number of out of print, first editions of Believe – Alexander Nelson.  This is a hard-bound book featuring 64 pages.  Published by Richard Webster. 

Spirit Guide Portrait – SGP – Connect with your sitter, by delivering a portrait of “his or hers” spirit guide!

Ghost Behind You – An experiment that will leave your audience with chills running up their spine. Partisans will literally feel the presence of a ghost behind them.  And one person will gain insight from that ghost.

Q & A In the Dark – Alexander’s Signature piece no one in the world does this one and it all takes place in the dark. Exceptionally powerful.

When Will You Die? – This is twisted but one they will never forget as all tension builds. Don’t let the serious title scare you away, because in the end it’s all good. But what a great premise to catch their attention. They will get scared from the get go, but the result could be interpreted in either a very positive manner, or for the true deep thinker – a total revelation that they never would of expected!

Project A Tarot Card – This is a “feel good” experiment, as the volunteer demonstrates her psychic potential and also in given a positive reading – at the same time!

Easy Past Life – This is one of Alexanders most talked about presentations.  He performs it frequently for up to 15 people at ladies groups and psychic parties.

EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena – This is Alexander’s take of  “white noise”  also known as EVP.

Today is Your Lucky Day  One of Alexander’s favorite quick effects, afterwards the spectator will keep his business card and show it to others. 

Easiest, Boldest and Strongest Q & A – Alexander laughingly calls this “The Atlantian Q & A,” you will see why when you read the book. Until now, Alexander has only shared this with a small circle of friends.

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