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Neal is BACK!  With a new Neal Scryer Effect, published for the first time commercially, originally shared at the Berlin Sessions. This is some more of Neal’s favorite effects as he can perform it impromptu anywhere, and at any time.

  • Psychic Pendulum Watch – An impromptu effect using borrowed watches and your pendulum. A real gem that leaves them totally surprised. This is a great lead to introducing the pendulum.
  • PK Heart Touch – Scryer’s method of slowing the audience’s heartbeat. This is a real gem that gets everyone involved. This will also leave your audience energized and feeling terrific.
  • Bruno’s Imaginary Journey – This is a ‘sender receiver effect’ that is very powerful using a member of the group and an audience participation. In the end the performer also shows his psychic ability.
  • 37-68 – A new twist on this psychological force on a group sitting around a table.

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