Bess Stage Coat (with Memorabilia)


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The Stage Coat, designed and handmade by Bess for a European tour, is a one-of-a-kind rarity that exists nowhere else in the world. But now, thanks to a team of master artisans, authentic reproductions of this rare item can be yours.

The Stage Coat is made using the same basic methods and materials employed 100 years ago. This coat is perfect retro-chic eveningwear for women who appreciate vintage high fashion, on or off the stage. And for today’s stylish women performers and stage assistants – like Bess herself – the coat will work magic. Along with the Bess Stage Coat is authenticating letters and memorabilia (see them to the right).

The posters, post cards and letters are high quality reproductions, suitable for framing, using modern paper stock and printing technology. The first 10 purchasers will also receive the deluxe 2-volume set of The Secret Life Of Houdini (autographed by William Kalush and Larry Sloman. PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE WHEN ORDERING: SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE

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