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Demonstrations of Incredible, & Yet Incredibly Self-Working Conjuring!

Ad Copy by Mark Stevens: Impuzzibilities is one of the most recognized and certainly most successful series booklets featuring many easy to do, fun and enjoyable ice-breakers and effects ever produced. With the addition of Bewildering Impuzzibilites there is now a total of TEN total Iimpuzzibilities booklets!  Three of which are no longer in production and are known to sell at a premium on the secondary market.

What makes all the Impuzzibilities booklets so famous and desired? 

  • The premium selection of powerful effects contained within each book.
  • Material is provided in an easily digestible manner making learning a breeze.
  • Price-points offer incredible value for what is provided.
  • Jim has captured the essence & momentum with these powerful series with this latest #10 edition, in such a way that maintains consistency of quality, content and publication.

Specifically with respect to Bewildering Impuzzibilities:
Jim provides a powerful thought-provoking critique about the art in his introduction that speaks to the directional flow and philosophy of the art, and how it can in the digital age gain momentum without a “checks and balance” mechanism such that it can become established when in fact it’s fallacious. It provides not only great reading for highlights the importance of “self-reflection” as a performing artist.  I ask that you trust us at Stevens Magic when we make that statement.

Contained within Bewildering Impuzzibilities:
1. Ovations
2. Match, Match, Match, Match,
3. Out!
4. Pecor’s Clock
5. Traveling Companions
6. The Rosetta Deck
7. Not a Princess
8. Three Time Impossible
9. Fastest, Neatest
10. Will I Be Lucky?

This booklet is composed of high-quality heavy stock paper and features illustrations and features 36-pages. It has received high marks from our resident magician JIRO! It’s a must have whether of not you already have some of Jim’s previous Impuzzibilites or if this is going to be the first one for you.
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