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This product has been discontinued and is no longer being made.

Effect: Beyond ESP is a set of ESP cards unlike any other. The cards are printed with a unique black back design, which separates it from the leagues of playing card-style ESP decks on the market. This actually looks like a deck of cards that might be used in real ESP tests. But what’s more, the cards are very subtly marked, providing you with a very powerful mentalism tool. They come complete with the following routines:

3SP (Michael Murray & Paul Younghusband): A 3-phase routine, which builds from cold reading to identify a chosen symbol, predicting another freely chosen symbol, and both the performer and spectator shuffling the remaining ESP symbols into the same order.
Think As I Think ESP (Wayne Dobson): The spectator and the performer read each others minds, each one identifying which symbol the other freely choose from a shuffled packet.
MindProwler Especial (Banachek): The spectator randomly places a number of ESP cards in various pockets while the performer’s back is turned. Turning back, the spectator is asked to place their hand over any pocket and the performer can immediately name which symbol is inside.

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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