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Beyond Limits is the second booklet from the fertile mind of Vinny Sagoo and showcases some of the BEST Magic and Mentalism in the galaxy! Standing at almost 5,000 Words, 126 Colour Photographs, 5 Brand New effects, 1 Advanced routine, Love and Hate Deck Normal Handling and a hidden BONUS, you’ll be sorry if you don’t have this in your repertoire.


LOVE & HATE DECK:  Love it or Hate it, you will really enjoy performing this unusual effect! A wrong prediction magically transforms to match the spectators choice, not once, but twice!

TURKISH DELIGHT: A freely selected card is lost and then apparently found, but it is not the selection, boo! This wrong card is then sandwiched between two cards and in an instant, transforms into the selection.

ILLUMINATION: Two random cards are selected and then found using the latest mind reading device… a small LED light bulb. This effect will fire up that grey matter for sure, plus everything is examinable before and after. (Plus FREE Advanced Handling taught via QR Code online video).

WAY AHEAD: Two decks, two spectators, a million outcomes! Well, actually only four for this effect, but they all match despite the apparent fairness, plus one of the predictions has been visible throughout.

IMAGINATION DECK: This effect will literally stretch your spectator’s imagination. A deck is shown to be blank on both sides and they think of ANY card. You remove three blank cards to represent the value, suit and colour. In an instant, their imagined card appears between the blank cards, before vanishing again into oblivion.

Beyond Limits includes tricks with Blank Decks, Normal Decks, Anagrams and even an LED Light Bulb… PLUS everything is super easy to do without any complicated moves or sleights.

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