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A Cute Magic Origami Effect! From out of the past, 1931 to be exact, Leslie Guest and Judah created this cut paper effect! Here how it goes… A paper sheet containing 16 squares alternately colored red and green are displayed and subject to several rapid folds! The performer announces that he will make one cut with the scissors, thereby separating each of the squares.

Also that he will divide allthe red squares from the green ones! Two spectators are requested to hold the paper, each holding a folded corner. The performer makes the ONE CUT. When it is found that one speculator holds eight red squares and the other spectator is holding all the green squares! A miracle!

The paper with the colored squared is NOT gaffed! Comes complete with 1 sample, 12 refills and a DVD performance and instructions! Refills are available or you can reprint your own!  Bi Clor Cut.

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