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This book features 15 complete routines of magic and comedy, guaranteed to get great audience reactions. You’ll read Sammy Smith’s complete patter, word-for-word, from start to finish for each effect. You’ll learn how to say the patter—when to pause and what tone of voice to use—to get the best response. Of course, you’ll want to adapt these routines to fit your own personality, but learning from the author’s more than 20 years’ experience in entertaining children will save you valuable time and give you crucial information on how to get big laughs from little people.

Routines range from original effects to new presentations of classics. You’ll read Sammy’s handling of time-tested classics such as Cut and Restored Rope, Multiplying Billiard Balls, and Miser’s Dream. And you’ll find his original effects such as Headband Blendo, all updated from the first edition of Big Laughs for Little People with the latest improvements for the 21st century!

In addition to the kid-show routines, Sammy shares his best tips and advice for entertaining children, learned from literally thousands of performances. This is a textbook on entertaining children with comedy and magic which every kid-show performer should own and use. The comments which a prominent children’s performer made about the original edition of this book are even more valid with this newly revised and updated edition:

“Big Laughs for Little People gives readers an opportunity to go backstage with a real pro and watch the show from behind the scenes. In a word, the book is tremendous.” —Fetaque Sanders

Routines include:

Headband Blendo (new version) Super Frog Vanishing Candle Snake Cake Bake Jasper the Friendly Ghost Skip It! (Cut and Restored Rope) The Magic Knot Tube (updated) The Extra-Celestial (hilarious puppet routine) Tricky Bottles (updated) Invisible Flying Silk Scarf Polar Thermometers Ball Brothers’ Traveling Circus (Strat-O-Sphere) Maxwell the Monster (Soft Soap) Multiplying Billiard Balls Cash Surprises (coin routine).

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