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How To Make $380,000+ By 2-Walling!

Stevens Magic Exclusive! Opportunities in magic are here!  Some say the art of magic is experiencing incredible exposure not seen in years!  From Television to Movies to community events, private shows and entertainment venues – the art is strong!  This is therefore, a great time to consider how you can take advantage of this energy.  Remember a rising tide raises “ALL” ships.  Let your ship be one of them! Bill Gladwell is a “Thought Reader, Actor and Consultant.” For over 26 years, Bill has studied and mastered the unique art of reading and influencing people, and he demonstrates his skill in a thought-provoking performance for intelligent audiences.  For several years, Bill had the #1 show out of 60+ competing shows in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area. Currently, he has the #1 show on Hilton Head Island while he still performs corporate gigs across the U.S.. Bill is also a corporate consultant and trainer. Bill teaches professionals to effectively communicate with others, quickly build deep connections, be more influential and capable in their interactions and powerfully persuade people.

Magic Masters Summit - David Davinci

Bill Gladwell will show you an innovative method that has made him and many other performers several thousands of dollars.   Many of us are familiar with the term – four walling!  But Bill will teach you about two walling.  By teach we don’t just mean the definition either. Bill will give you specific ways that he has used this strategy to make serious bank!  If you are a performer interested in making money and breaking out, you really have to ask yourself the question – can you not afford to watch and study this DVD?  What would be the cost you could loose if you choose not to?  Could it be several thousand dollars or as in Bill’s case $380,000Plus!  For only a $30 investment you can gain tremendous knowledge.

Your interviewer in this journey is David Womach, who absolutely knows a lot also about making a living in the art.  When you add these two minds in one DVD, espousing their carefully learned and guarded trade secrets, you will realize your value compared to what you spend is “exponential.”

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